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Welcome to the Cognitive Battery

The cognitive battery is a new set of tests designed to gauge the difficult metric of intelligence, or more precisely mental capacity and the extent to which you use it. Unlike traditional tests rather than returning a single value IQ, which can never represent the many facets of the human mind, or using limited multiple choice questions on different images against a clock - it uses a new method and produces a set of data results for comparison.


  • The tests are simple and in five parts, attention, concentration, perception, learning, and thinking, that anyone can do and don't take too long. There are no complex mathematical or geometric questions, the power is in the method and subsequent analysis.
  • One set of results can be compared against another, both numerically and on 3D graphs of first test run, second and difference.
  • Various basic and advanced statistics are calculated on the test runs when complete, from true/false counts, sum times of correct/incorrect answers, average click times, to standard deviation, coefficient of variability, etc. From these it is quite easy to pick out mental blocks, distractibility and mental capacity versus present operating level and more.
  • When the test is taken before and after brain training methods and peak performance programmes the statistics calculated clearly show whether there is improvement in brain function.
  • The test can be taken anonymously, with or without login for later result viewing.
  • For psychologists the new large data set of tests completed holds much potential for study and analysis. The population can be split into a variety of subgroups from the data collected and trends will be able to be shown.
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August 1996 - The Cognitive Battery windows application v1.0 was launched.

May 2011 - The Cognitive Battery online Beta v1.1 was started, take the tests as often as you like for free !

April 2011 - The Cognitive battery goes online. The new website enables anyone across the world to take the test and compare results regardless of their computer operating system. The site merely requires JavaScript, Flash and browser cookie support. Previously the test was limited to a Windows application. The online version uses the same tests as closely as possible to make previous results valid.

January 2014 - Enough data has been gathered to calculate initial polulation means, thankyou for your support.

March 2015 - The free period is closing and a new cognitive results summary is being made available soon.

April 2015 - Cognitive Battery payments can be made by Paypal, once for the entire battery or per individual test. Contact us about your business or organisation's requirements.

July 2016 - The battery has been updated with new metrics and updated test result medians, BCB1.2.

Feb 2018 - Updates to the site.

Feb 2020 - Revised website, blue theme, corporate promotion.

Feb 2022 - Graphical restoration, server migration, live population stats added (more up to date than BCB1.2), report medians now updated (AU), free stress assessments added, other updates.

Oct 2022 - All possible test reports regenerated using the latest population medians, some statistics may have changed slightly and report dates will be the same.